It’s somehow already June, which means that summer is well and truly upon us, dear readers! As most of us from the Crystal Lake area already know, that means some beautiful sunshine and warm weather. But it also means we’ve got some muggy days ahead of us. From early June until early September, the muggy portion of the year takes hold. According to Weatherspark, “The muggier period of the year lasts for 3.7 months, from May 30 to September 20, during which time the comfort level is muggy, oppressive, or miserable at least 10% of the time. The muggiest day of the year is July 22, with muggy conditions 40% of the time.

What does this tell us? It tells us that, since not everyone can make it out to swim in Crystal Lake every single day of the summer, having a pool in your own backyard is well worth your consideration. Not only will you be able to beat the heat, but you’ll be able to exercise, tan while staying cool, and generally enjoy you and yours much more easily! If you want to host, then host a pool party! If you want to keep it to yourself, that’s your prerogative as well!

At Pool Werks, we offer local pool maintenance, repairs, and equipment installations, so we are thrilled to be able to write a blog listing just a few of the many reasons to get a pool installed this summer. If you have any interest whatsoever, we encourage you to read today’s post to see if you are picking up what we are laying down, so to speak. In this case, we hope we can lay down a clean, clear, and beautiful pool on your Crystal Lake property!

Why Should You Install A Pool?

Now, sit back, relax, and allow these upcoming reasons to install a pool to let your imagination run wild, picturing a summer of relaxation and comfort.

Throw The Best Parties On The Block

From June to September in this part of Illinois, things can get pretty muggy (as we’ve already mentioned). That means social gatherings need to happen either indoors or at nighttime so people can stay cool. The one exception to that rule is if the host has a pool everyone can use!

And before you get nervous about the idea that not everyone in your social network is a “pool person,” we think it really is as much about the option of cooling down as it is the act of swimming at a party itself. But if your crew is all about playing water polo or chicken fighting, knock yourself out! And congratulations, you just became the coolest person in your friend group!

Fun Family Time

It’s 2019, and there might not have been a more difficult time to connect with family in all of history than the modern day, given how much screen time (phones, TV, video games, etc.) most people have each day. It’s tough to know what to do to get the family to connect better, since, if we are being completely honest, smartphones and TVs have some pretty compelling content on there. The problem is, most families begin to struggle with intimacy when everyone is doing their best zombie impression immediately after dinner.

So, what’s the answer to this problem? It very well might be to install a pool in your backyard. It’s an inclusive, fun, and physically invigorating activity, whether you end up playing your favorite pool game or otherwise. When you build a pool, you are creating an atmosphere for play and relaxation for both adults and children. You can connect with your kids, regardless of their age, in most every circumstance. And if you have little ones who aren’t quite at a swimming age yet, even better! Imagine being able to teach your children how to swim!


It doesn’t make you a hermit to think that swimming and sunbathing are significantly more enjoyable activities when they can be done in private. The odd trip to a lake or the public pool can be fun from time to time, but sharing space with complete strangers gets old pretty quick, in our opinion.

Here’s an alternative: have access to your very own private pool. There’s no entry fee, it’s ten steps away from your backdoor, and you don’t have to worry about what kind of mess the general public have been making in the same water you are swimming in!


We’ve talked about your friends and family, but we have yet to talk about how this pool truly benefits you. If you are anything like those of us at our Crystal Lake pool cleaning company at Pool Werks, lounging by the pool is an ideal way to work off the day’s stress. Sure, we spend most of our time performing pool repair service and pool maintenance, but that doesn’t mean we forget how to unwind and relax from time to time! So we’d encourage you to think about the potential pool installation as nothing more than a gift to yourself!

Health & Wellness

If you are worried about the upfront cost of your pool, think about offsetting that price tag by canceling your gym membership. No, we aren’t suggesting you let yourself go this summer, but rather that you take advantage of all that your new pool has to offer! Exercising in your own pool is amazing because it offers a complete body workout (depending on the workout) without putting much of any stress on the body. Swimming and water aerobics are inherently low-impact forms of fitness.

Then again, it’s your pool, so if you only feel like using it for recreational purposes, more power to you!

Increase Your Home’s Value

While canceling a gym membership will certainly help you save a few hundred dollars each year, adding a pool to your home can make an impact that’s in the thousands. In fact, recent studies have shown that owning a pool can increase the value of your home by as much as 15 percent! It’s little wonder as well — owning a pool is a wonderful thing, as we’ve spent the last few paragraphs explaining!

Give Us A Call!

While we at Pool Werks aren’t able to help you install the pool itself, we are experts when it comes to pool equipment repair and installation. Whether you are looking to repair a pump or install some pool accessories (LED lights, timers, covers, etc.), we have the experience and affordable price point to help you out! Keep in mind we also offer Crystal Lake pool maintenance plans, so give us a call when you are ready!