1. Pool Safety Tips For Homeowners In Crystal Lake, IL

    Owning a clean, clear beautiful pool in Crystal Lake during the high summer is pretty much as close as we can get to perfection. Sure, we at Pool Werks are a bit biased, seeing as how we are Crystal Lake's pool maintenance and cleaning company — but that doesn’t make us wrong!  However. With great wonder and relaxation comes great responsibility. Being a homeowner with a pool means you have t…Read More

  2. A Few Reasons To Get A Pool This Summer

    It’s somehow already June, which means that summer is well and truly upon us, dear readers! As most of us from the Crystal Lake area already know, that means some beautiful sunshine and warm weather. But it also means we’ve got some muggy days ahead of us. From early June until early September, the muggy portion of the year takes hold. According to Weatherspark, “The muggier period of the ye…Read More

  3. Routine Cleaning That Needs to Happen to Your Pool

    There you are floating on the piercing blue surface, relaxing without a care in the world, sipping on your beverage of choice (maybe with a nice umbrella in the glass!). The water is cool and life is near perfect. This is your own little oasis, free from worry or distraction. A clean pool is pristine and inviting. But it won’t stay that way by itself. Sticking with a routine pool cleaning servic…Read More