Summer 2018 has been unseasonably warm for the entire nation, which is great news for pool owners in the Crystal Lake area of Illinois! This means we can enjoy more days poolside, enjoying the summer sunshine with our friends, family, and all the neighbors who are acutely aware of the fact that you have a pool! Before you open the doors of your pool and allow everyone you know to splash in, make sure everyone knows the safety rules. After all, you can’t spell fun without safe!

Swimming pools spell fun and relaxation in any form they come in, whether you are using the local rec center pool to get in some powerful strength-training laps or you are kicking back, lounging next to your backyard pool on a hot summer day. While pools are a joy for swimmers of all species and sizes, there are some inherent safety risks that must be considered to keep it all fun and games. Here are some pool safety rules for the entire family.

Respect the Water

Always remember to respect the water, because it does not respect you. Teach kids and pets to stay out of the pool if there is no one else around and teach them water safety as young as possible. If your kiddos are too young to swim, teach them how to enter and exit the pool safely and to always use a flotation device and wait until you are with them to swim. When they are in the pool, teach them the areas to avoid, such as the filter. This can help prevent drownings. Never leave your children unattended and remember that floatation devices can flip, trapping your child upside down if you are not watching.

Pet Water Safety

Our four-legged, furry family members also enjoy a dip in the pool as a reprieve from the summer heat. However, pets are not always mindful of your warnings to not swim alone. Don’t allow your pet’s access to the pool if you can help it. This may mean creating a barrier around the pool (which will also help with our next pool safety tip!) or taking your pets elsewhere for their free-roaming outside time. If you pet doesn’t enjoy swimming or is clever enough to avoid the pool, make sure that they have access to plenty of fresh drinking water so that they do not turn to the pool as a giant drinking bowl. If you do allow your pet to swim with the family, be sure to monitor them as many water-dogs (such as labradors, spaniels, or retrievers) will often swim happily to exhaustion. Help your furry friend out by limiting their swim time.

Enclose Your Pool

Enclosing your pool in a screened-in area is a great idea for a variety of reasons. First, it helps keep your pool clean and free from wind-blown debris. Secondly, it helps keep the right attendees in the area and the unwelcome guests — nature’s creatures, wandering neighbors — out. Pool enclosures also help to keep bugs away and can cut down on some of the sun exposure, depending on the type you build.

Keep It Clean

In addition to making sure that your family members don’t use the pool as a bathtub or a toilet, make sure that you keep up on routine pool cleaning maintenance. This includes checking and adjusting chemical levels as well as removing limescale build up, algae growth, and collected dirt and debris. The best way to ensure your pool is always clean is to hire a pool cleaning service company that can handle all of your routine pool cleaning and maintenance needs. That way, you have more time for lounging and perfecting your back float!

A few other general safety rules include no diving in water that isn’t deep enough, no running on the wet pool surface, and limit alcohol intake while swimming. Encourage swimmers to wear sunscreen and take occasional breaks from swimming.

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