There you are floating on the piercing blue surface, relaxing without a care in the world, sipping on your beverage of choice (maybe with a nice umbrella in the glass!). The water is cool and life is near perfect.

This is your own little oasis, free from worry or distraction. A clean pool is pristine and inviting. But it won’t stay that way by itself. Sticking with a routine pool cleaning service and schedule is an integral piece of pool ownership.

Not only is a dirty pool a complete eyesore — not to mention an unappealing place to spend your free time — it can be dangerously unhealthy for you, your family and guests. Plus, who would want to sit in a concrete pit of filth?

Ensuring proper pool cleaning services and habits is a must for any pool owner. Pool Werks wants to help ensure your personal oasis remains that way, so we’ve put together some suggestions of routine cleaning that needs to happen to your pool!

General Pool Cleaning

Maintaining a clean pool is not an overly complicated process by any means. However, it does take a consistent schedule and a diligent routine in combination with an eye to detail. Owning a pool is tremendous, yet keeping it clean can certainly be a chore and a hassle, which is what makes having a pool cleaning service fantastic investment.

Some basic pool cleaning to keep in mind — don’t worry, we’ll go into more detail in a bit — are as follows:

  • Maintain clean water
  • Pay attention to water chemistry
  • Don’t neglect the physical, solid elements of the pool
  • Establish a weekly routine

Do these things, and you’re destined to have a healthy, clean pool for everyone to enjoy!

Clean Water, Clean Pool

Not surprisingly, the portion that makes up the majority of your pool is the water itself. This is the part you most want to enjoy as the scorching summer sun beats down on you. Here is a checklist of things a pool cleaning service needs to do for the pool’s water.

  1. Check pool chemistry every week during the summer. Your pool’s pH level should be kept between 7.2 and 7.8. The less pH on the scale, the less chlorine your pool requires, because as pH rises, chlorine begins becoming less active. Control pH properly and you will need much less chlorine.
  2. Keep an eye on the water level. Is it high or low? Water needs to be at the right height, center level of the pool skimmer or pool tile for best results and performance. Low-level water will burn your pump dry and too high prevents the skimmer door from working properly.
  3. Regularly clean the filters or as needed. This ensures your pool’s water is free from most debris that will accumulate, but a dirty or bad filter is not effective and will lead to much worse problems down the road.

Doing these things routinely is an important process in keeping your pool in proper and healthy order. Keep an eye out for cloudy water or algae growth. Green coloration in the water can also be a sign of a metal presence in the water. But if you keep a diligent pool cleaning service, you’ll never have to worry!

Physical Debris

Part of maintaining clean water in the pool is sticking with a routine cleaning schedule for the solid elements of the pool as well. After all, the water is contained in something and can become dirty from picking up things from unclean surfaces.

Do these pool cleaning services and leave the worry behind:

  1. Clean out the skimmer basket or baskets weekly to ensure debris is cleared. Debris from off the surface of the water and build up from other sources keep it from being effective. Clearing the baskets consistently will increase your odds of clean, blue water.
  2. Make sure the hair and lint pot generally located on the front of the pool pump is cleaned out at least every couple weeks if not more depending on need.
  3. Monitor the drain to keep it clear of debris and obstruction. Collection of debris in the drain area can be a good sign that there is an issue with the filters of your pool that need to be addressed. Doing so rather than later is always the best course of action.
  4. Skim the surface of the water with a net skimmer to collect larger debris like leaves, branches or other big objects you don’t want in the filters or other workings of the pool system.
  5. Brush the side walls of the pool with a pool brush to keep debris sticking to the wall and algae formation. This includes making sure the bottom of the pool is regularly cleaned to give the water its best chance and maintaining a healthy condition.
  6. Scrub the title around the pool as well as clearing any vegetation that can leave behind any number of debris. For some families, this includes keeping an eye on what pets or other backyard animals might leave behind which could eventually find its way into your pool.

Turns out, the best way to keep the water of your pool clean is to never let it get dirty in the first place, and routinely cleaning everything else about and around your pool goes a long way to that end!

Get Prepared For Summer

Summer is just around the corner. Once the unpredictable spring storms pass and the calendar turns into the end of May and beginning of June, your itch to get back out into that pool will be too irresistible to ignore any longer!

Getting your pool cleaned and prepared for a summer full of enjoyment is a great first step, but far from the end. Don’t neglect your pool’s needs all season and risk spoiling days and weeks of potential time to spend on that float, drink in hand and worry free!

Contact us today and schedule your pool cleaning service needs for the upcoming summer season!